Tattoo Goo X-Pressions Medicated Swabs Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare - 24 Pack

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X-Pressions Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare Swabs - 24pk

Tattoo Goo X-Pressions Medicated Swabs Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare - 24 Pack

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Just snap, let flow and apply! The easy way, with no touch no mess and no over application with new Xpressions Swabs. Now available from Tattoo Goo Brands X-pressions Extra Strength Piercing Aftercare is now available in a new ready to use format. The same dermatologist tested formula can be applied directly to any area needing medication by simply snapping the lined end of the swab and allowing the product to flow gently down the reservoir tube. The product is now ready for gentle application to the skin surface. This new format along with the familiar ready to use spray will give consumers as well as studios more choices when it comes to after care.
The formula is a special CPC- MSM Complex formula, which utilizes one of the most respected formulations available. X-pressions Ready to Spray and X-pressions Swabs aftercare contains Cet-C a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Most antiseptics of this type are mouthwashes, which contain alcohol. This often stings open wounds on the skin and irritates the taste. X-pression contains no alcohol or sodium with a pleasant flavoring, which provides for no bitter aftertaste, stinging or burning.

Piercing Aftercare
A piercing, much like a tattoo, is one of the most dynamic symbols of self expression. It's important to follow the directions of your professional piercer closely to ensure the safest possible healing process. After all, a safe and efficient heal will ensure the long life of your piercing. You were pierced in a modern studio with new and sterilized equipment. After the process, the piercer may have given you a small packet with piercing after care directions. Quality parlor operators worldwide have helped us compile these simple instructions for safe healing. However, we urge you to consult your own professional body piercer for any special instructions related to your specific piercing.

- Do not pull, tug, or play with jewelry during the healing process.
- Do not use anti-bacterial ointments.
- Do not apply alcohol or peroxide.
- Be sure to wear clothing that will not get caught on jewelry.

Bleeding may be present in the first few hours after getting the piercing. This is normal. If bleeding continues up to 48 hours after, be sure to consult your piercing professional.

New piercings should be cleaned 2-3 times per day. You are exposed to many germs and bacteria throughout the day that may cause infections. Be sure to wash your hands each time before handling your piercing. Healing time varies depending on the piercing. Ask your piercer how long you will need to continue the cleaning regiment.

X-pression Piercing spray has a high level of antibacterial and antimicrobial abilities. The product should be used sparingly since it only takes a small amount to kill germs. Spray ONCE to pierced area two times per day. While showering, using Tattoo Goo Tattoo & Piercing Soap, allow soap suds to run over piercing.

During the first few weeks of healing, you may see a small build up around the jewelry. This is normal, and your body excretes a small amount of puss during the healing process. To remove it, use a moist q-tip, with Tattoo Goo Soap, to work of any build up on your jewelry.

If you decide to use a salt water rinse also during the healing process, consult your piercing professional for proper instructions. Wait approximately 3 hours after salt water rinse before applying X-pression piercing spray.

If in the event you experience a reaction to X-pression Piercing spray, discontinue use and consult your piercer for further instruction and healing options.